Just as I Am!

A soft and shiny pop-up book created by Karen Sapp and Rachel Elliot

Storyline: Little Elephant doesn’t like his long trunk. It gets in the way of games and trips up his friends. It’s just a nuisance! But one hot day, Little Elephant finds that is trunk is very special indeed!

First off I just wanna start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest who today, turned Five years old!!!!!! -and I am now just realizing that I will never again have a four-year-old! 😢 – and to celebrate her birthday we read this cute little book together and here’s her thoughts on it.

Thoughts from my NEW five-year-old :

It was a good story I like feeling the soft things on the paper and the last page pops up and it’s so much fun to pop it up! I like little elephant but it was rude that his friends didn’t like playing with him because his big nose got in the way sometimes, they should just be happy and play with him, but at the end they liked his nose and they played with him so it was a good story!

This book was quite cute! The mixture of soft stuff on the pages and the shiny parts was a cool touch to the story and the fact that the last page is a pop-up it awesome! Such a cool book. The story is cute and the illustrations are also quite cute – I especially loved the armadillo!- it was a really sweet book about how the parts of yourself that you may not like about yourself are useful and special because they’re a special part of you and you should never want to change that! It was a nice story and I would definitely recommend it!


We give this book
9/10 Birthday Cakes!


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

(This post is not sponsored)


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