Fritz Danced the Fandango

Written by Alicia Potter Illustrations by Ethan Long

Storyline: A dancing goat doesn’t fit in with his herd and goes in search of a new herd that is more like him. Along the way Fritz makes a few new friends.

It’s that time when me and one of my little princess read a book together, today’s book is Fritz Danced the Fandango. And without further ado here’s what my daughter thought of it

Thoughts from a Five-Year-Old:

I thought it was a kind of good book, but i don’t know what big words mean, I liked that the goat dances the clip-clop I didn’t like that it was so long and the pictures are alright.

She is right, there is quite a few bigger words, and she kept asking what they meant, also with the weird longer words it was definitely not a smooth book to read, and didn’t flow like most kids books, it was kind of choppy. But the story was good -wasn’t too boring- but it didn’t really have a point either. The pictures were cute and colourful which is always a bonus! It’s not my favourite kids book but i would probably recommend it


I give this book

7/10 for story 8/10 for illustrations
If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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