Carry-me Baby Animals

Written by Claire Page

Storyline: Meet Copper Kitten and his baby friends! Pet them gently and say hello! Then take them with you as you go!

So my kids have started to outgrown this book -they’ll still ask us to read it on occasion -but I thought I’d share this book without the kids today. This has been a favourite in our house for years and it’s a very well loved -and starting to literally disintegrate on the sides because of how much it was used by my kids.

It’s a fun interactive book with fuzzy, smooth, rough, bumpy textures that kids seem to LOVE – even though I found out how much I absolutely hate the feel of rough sandpaper type stuff! Ugh! – but nevertheless my children were obsessed with it! The story in the book is adorable and so fun to read -it was my husbands personal favourite to read to the kids- and it has an adorable built in handle so it’s easier for younger kids to carry it. I one hundred percent recommend this book for younger kids! It’s so much Fun!


I rate this book

10/10 Ronnie Rhinos!


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

Seriously? $0.09 on Amazon?


(This post is not sponsored)


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