I Knew You Could! 

Written by Craig Dorfman Illustrations by Cristina Ong

Storyline: I think I can! A book from The Little Engine that Could series, a book for all the Stops in Your life.

Thoughts from a six year old:

It was good, I like the cute little train, I didn’t like that it had to go through tunnels and almost ran out of steam but she did it and I was happy that she got to the rainbow!

Okay, so my daughters didn’t understand this book at all. I asked My youngest her thoughts and all she did was kept asking what it all meant “why did it go through a dark tunnel” and “why would the train have to pick a track”. But I really liked this book the slight rhyming made this book super easy and fun to read out loud.
This book is a beautiful book for parents and older kids and especially graduates! It says -in a round about way- that you have to choose your own track in life and sometimes that track will be fun and sometimes you’ll wish you picked a different track, sometimes you’ll make new friends and be happy and sometimes you’ll have dark times and hills to get over on your own before you can get where you’re going and it truly was a beautiful book. And the illustrations are really colourful and fun

I have a book like this -not this one though I have ‘Oh, the Places you’ll Go’ by Dr.Seuss – for each of my kids and each year I’ve been asking their teachers to write them a message congratulating them on their graduation. And there’s plenty of pages extra for family members to write notes and well wishes too. But this would definitely have been another book option for that if I would have seen this one when I started that project.


I rate this book



If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it by clicking Here or Here

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