The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

A Novel by C. S. Lewis

Storyline: They open a door and enter a world, Narnia… A land frozen in eternal winter… A country waiting to be set free. Four adventurers step through a wardrobe door and Ito the land of Narnia – a land enslaved by the power of the White Witch. But when almost all hope is lost, the return of the Great Lion, Aslan, signals a great change… And a great sacrifice.

So I never actually got to read these books when I was younger -I actually didn’t read anything until I turned around 12 or 13, my parents didn’t really let me buy books, so until we moved to a city with a library I hadn’t read anything really – but I saw this at the local thrift store the other day for 10 cents and I figured what the hell why not! And as C.S.Lewis says “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again” so I figured today is that day!

I expected it to be more childish than it was,but it wasn’t childish at all. I actually quite enjoyed it! I only ever saw the movie -because my family watched more movies than read books- and I did like the movie but I think the book was just that much better than the movie!! I throughly enjoyed it, now because it’s a children’s book it’s a short, and very quick read for someone who can read 200 pages in about an hour and a half on a good day, but I liked it none the less. And I would definitely read it again and again. And maybe my kids will pick it up one day and maybe it will spark a love for reading in them!


I rate this book



If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

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