Lane Changes 

The First book in Anna J. Adams Lane Changes Saga 

Storyline: I waited until the last two years of high school to take Spanish and am now one of only three seniors; Sam and Rob are the others. Every day we have to conjugate verbs and today, the teacher was in a rare mood. 
Amar: to love 
That’s what I associated with Rob Holland, the newest student at Naylorville High who somehow has the power to make me blush, stammer and trip all at once. 
Molestar: to annoy 
That should be Sam Seeley’s middle name. Since seventh grade he has annoyed me to the point where I should earn a gold medal for ignoring him. 
Matar: to kill 
This is what I want to do to the person putting black origami roses in my locker, writing hateful notes, rude emails and texts and throwing a rock at my bedroom window. 
Nadar: to swim 
My one talent. A college scholarship I desperately need. Something I never thought I wouldn’t be able to do until an “accident” cuts my swim season short. 
Aprender: to learn 
I have a lot to learn. About Rob and how emotionally stunted a person can be. About Sam and how his life isn’t better than anyone else’s. About how one friend’s mental illness can have lasting effects. About love. About myself…Lane Meyers. 

This book was interesting! It was a great story with an air of light mystery in it, and when you’d have a theory of who it could be doing these weird things to Lane (the Main character) then all of a sudden something would happen and it would change that theory. It’s set at an awkward stage in her life when normal high school issues are plaguing her, an Injury happens and a love triangle – Kinda – is thrown in the mix, this poor girl just couldn’t seem to catch a break. The last few chapters the emotions really got me! I was worried and relieved and even cried. The book ends in a cliffhanger that makes you defiantly want to read the next book to see what happens next!! 
I actually really liked this book, I felt refreshed after reading it, it was light and airy – if you’re a very Avid reader like me, this should make sense to you how some books are denser and some are lighter, if you don’t understand what I mean then I’m sorry – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it  

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

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