The Heir

The Fourth book in the Kiera Cass, Selection series

Storyline: Twenty Years Ago, America Singer entered the selection— and she and Prince Maxon have lived happily ever after. Princess Eadlyn has always found her parents’ story romantic, but it’s not what she wants for herself. Unfortunately, Eadlyn can’t escape the path laid out for her…including her very own Selection.

This is amazing! I was so sad ending America and Maxon’s story but now we get to see them twenty years later and now we’re going along on a new adventure with their daughter Princess Eadlyn! Which i was honestly so excited about, to be able to see how their lives have been since the last book and to see that they’ve started a family and are truly having their happily ever after is just amazing! But enough about that…
This book was not as good as the first ones- don’t get me wrong it was still good, and I did like them- it just wasn’t as exciting as the first ones, and Eadlyn is so stubborn -and quite bitchy at times- it just makes the story kinda stiff, And I can’t decide which guy I’m voting for.. I was happy that near the end Eadlyn started being less insufferable and more human-ish …but nevertheless it was fun to be with the Schreave family again and seeing a different side of the Selection process was fun too I just think the story could have also been a bit more fun, although the curveballs from chapter Thirty-Two on I didn’t see coming so that was a shocking surprise! I would recommend reading it and I will defiantly still be reading the last one!

I rate this book


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