Diary of a Minecraft Alex

Book two of An unofficial minecraft book by MC Steve

Storyline: Alex goes to her farm and feels like she is being watched. A dark presence seems to drift around. The next day there is a single block of obsidian sitting on her farm. Alex goes to see Steve, who explains to her about the dark presence. Steve also says that he has been helping to build new houses in the village and suggests that Alex help. She declines, but that night some zombies attack the village. A zombie breaks down a few doors, and everyone is cowering in the blacksmith’s when Steve arrives. He gets rid of the zombie, hit a creeper sneaks up on him… 

So we received this book in the mail and my kids were so excited about it!! They couldn’t wait to dive into it, we read it together over a few days, but since my Six-Year-Old is I assume ‘too cool’ to give me her thoughts, we’ll have to make due with my Five-Year-Old’s review: 

Uh mom potatoes need sunlight and heat, I don’t think they would grow in the Arctic (ice biome).. And I didn’t like the black creeper man, Those guys are so creepy, the book was a little creepy.. But she can beat creepers so that’s good. I like her pigs! They’re my favourite, Especially the pinkish one like the pinker pinkish one than the other pink ones… Steve was mean. Who calls their friend RABBIT-EARS!!! That was a horrible thing for a friend to do, but at least she saved him and they didn’t get killed because of the baby chick! I like that it was a happy ending, and they’re friends again and her pigs are okay! 

Okay, so I’m gonna start by saying that her pig descriptions are on point! Haha! But seriously, it was not a creepy book. Ignore that part. But I agree that it was a good book! It was definitely cute! It was a fun story with some suspense (hence the ‘creepy’) I enjoyed reading it to my girls it was the right amount of funny, and the storyline was better than I expected it to be! I love the diary format it’s quite unique in a kids book! I would recommend these books to anyone who has kids ages six to thirteen who love Minecraft! I’m definitely going to be looking for other ones to read to my girls!  

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

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