Diary of a Minecraft Alex 

Book one of An unofficial minecraft book by MC Steve

Storyline: Alex is a loner in the ice plains. She prefers pigs to people. She’s a vegetarian. She starts in a small hut but moves into an igloo that she then renovates. She’s good at fending off mobs in the overworld, but not the Nether. She meets Steve, who annoy’s her. Steve shares the legend that the villagers have: Herobrine put a curse on the area so that if a zombie ever kills a villager, zombie pigmen begin appearing and attacking in the overworld… 

So we started with book two and we had a few unanswered questions, but now that we were able to read the first one the second one make so much more sense (go figure) these books are so much fun! It’s a great book to be able to read a few pages to your kids every night before bed, it’s fun and keeps the kids attentions because it’s something they’re used to playing so they – unlike me – understand all the terms and stuff the books have just a hint of action and mystery while being funny and light, they’re such clever books! Alex is a fun character, maybe because she reminds me of myself a bit –because I also am not a fan of people and I would also much rather hang out with pigs– if you have kids 6-13 I would definitely recommend these books! They’re great! And the pictures in it just makes it so much more awesome! 

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

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