More than a Me 

Written By Lilian Kars and illustrated by Steffie Padmos 

Storyline: once upon a time, in the deep blue sea, a little drop of water discovered I’m a me, I’m a me! He decided no longer to stay with the rest. He wanted to move but which way would be best? May this book be a friend, a piece of your puzzle, a reminder in rhyme, in your everyday hustle. 

We got these books today directly from Matthew James Publishing and me and my Five-Year-Old couldn’t wait to get into this one! 
Thoughts from a Five-Year-Old:

That was cute! The little drop felt all alone in the big giant sea, and then it wanted to leave so it went on an adventure into the clouds and then had another adventure when it rained down and then drop made a new friend, or maybe a girl friend? I’m not sure..because it said it was a girl.. anyways, then they met lots of other drops and then they went back home to the sea, and it learned that it was more than a me! I thought that it was a beau(oooooooooo)tiful story! 

I agree, I love the story with this one, it’s a sweet story! It tells you that your more than just a you. Your special and important and even when you feel like you don’t belong or feel out of place, you’re special and different, you’re not alone and you’re so much more than you think you are. It’s a touching story really, and it rhymes which is fantastic in kids books –because if they don’t rhyme they’re awkward to read– it was a smooth read. It was long enough to make a nice story while still being short enough to keep the kids attention! I’d highly recommend this book! It’s adorable! 
Also! The illustrations are adorable! I love the colours they used, so many blues and teals and greens with little pops of colour make the book feel so calm and sweet. 

I give this book 

9/10 or story and 9/10 for illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here

(This post is not sponsored) 


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