Monsters in my Maths Book

Written by Russ Brown. Illustrated by Jamie Cosley 

Storyline: There are monsters in my maths book, there are monsters in the yard. There are monsters in all the classrooms, monsters make school hard. I try to wish the monsters away, but they’re too hard to scare. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, the monsters are always there. The monsters are with me all the time, they’re around me every day. But with a friend by your side you can scare any monster away. 

Today me and my daughter read this book, and I thought it was Amazing! What I took from it is that it basically shows a child’s struggles through school that some kids do actually go through – shows troubles in math, history and other subjects, social issues and dyslexia – and makes each struggle into a different monster. I’m not sure if that’s what the writers were going for but that’s how I took it, It’s a really cute book and I loved it! The illustrations are simple and yet colourful which gives the book such a clean feeling. And it rhymes which is always a BONUS in kids stories, and makes it so much easier to read out loud. Let’s see what my daughter thought…

Thoughts from a Five-Year-Old 

I thought it was a pretty good funny book, I like Reading Rita she’s my favourite monster, I like that she has a long orange tongue. And I did not like the page with Writing Ren.. I think it’s a funny book! There aren’t any monsters in MY school… but it was so sad because he just wanted to eat his lunch in peace but the monsters are gonna try to steal bites! That’s so sad! And then the monsters followed him Home and I was like ‘what the heck!’ And they’re all there when he’s in bed and they just won’t go away until the end! But I liked the end! 

This was the most verbal about a book she’s ever been! Wow, I would definitely recommend this book for your own kids or even as gifts! It’s quite fun!  

I rate this book 

10/10 for story and 9/10 for Illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it by clicking Here or Here

(This post is not sponsored) 


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