The Field Feud

Written by Russ Brown Illustrated by James Shaw 

Storyline: When Poppy and Daisy are forced to share a field, you would think they would get along just like the other farm animals do. But you would be very wrong! Can they work out their differences and learn to live in harmony? A lovely children’s story about tolerance and understanding, a perfect book for sharing or reading alone. 

It’s been awhile since we’ve done it! But it was time for a Kids Book Review!! Today’s story I read with BOTH of my girls!! So let’s get right into their reviews…

Thoughts from a Five-Year-Old:
it was a good book. it wasn’t scary, which I like because scary stuff gives me nightmares and I don’t like scary stuff, but it wasn’t scary. was just a tiny bit mean that they kept saying ‘No’ to each other and calling each other really mean names, you should never call a pig Bacon that’s so mean and it can hurt their feelings. they should have just shared right away. Didn’t their moms and dads teach them how to share? Everyone has to learn how to share..but at least they learned now. And the book was kind of maybe a little bit too long. I like the pictures, they are so colourful and the pig is so cute. 

Thoughts from a Seven-Year-Old:
It was pretty good. The words look nicely written.

(Apparently she’s a girl of few words when it comes to reviews)  

I did enjoy this book, it was fun and really easy to read, the words flowed seamlessly off the page. I agree that it was a little long, it tended to ramble at different points that didn’t seem to be that important to the story itself. The story was great though, encouraging friendship, compromise and sharing. Which as a mom I personally always love when story has a little bit of a lesson thrown in there. I think it was actually a really cute book!
The illustrations are fun and colourful. a few of the backgrounds however seemed a little too busy and cluttered, but the animals were quite cute.

I rate this book 
7/10 for story and 6/10 for Illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find by clicking Here

(This post is not sponsored) 


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