Breathe Ava 

A Novel by Della Leshae

Storyline: Ava’s dream since she was a young girl, was to be a mother. When she learns in her early twenties that it may never happen, at least not without the help of assisted fertility, everything she dreamed of for her future is shattered to pieces. After her first marriage fails (because she cannot conceive naturally) Ava fears she may never have another chance. Until she meets James Parsons, a new work colleague. He is handsome, strong and irresistible. Ava soon believes James is her soul mate and together they will defy all odds to conceive her much wanted child naturally. After months of trying to no avail, their only option is to enter the world of assisted fertility. Ava’s desire to become a mother means she is prepared to do whatever and however many IVF cycles it takes. But will there be a cost for her dream to become her reality?

A few members of my family have had fertility problems so I completely get the raw emotion and deep feelings of loss and want in this book. The way the story was told made you feel so connected to the journey that these characters are on. You can’t help but root for them to conceive, you can’t help but want for them to finally have their dreams come true, to finally be able to start a family! I can’t believe everything this couple had to go through, between the Fertility issues, Family Problems, Sorrows and so much more. it’s truly heartbreaking. And when you think you know what’s going to happen, the book proves you wrong and the story shifts. I was in absolute shock! The ending I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of, but nevertheless it was such an interesting book. Wether or not yourself or someone you know has had fertility problems, this book is such an enlightening read to help you understand a few of the trials and problems of conception that some women have been faced with! The writing is a little back and forth, and tends to ramble at times but aside from that… it was an interesting read. 

I rate this book 


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