The Wall 

Written and illustrated by Mauro Lirussi      

Storyline: We all know someone or something that had just disappeared. A tree, a toy, even a person! The adults try and explain as best they can. They try to look after us, but we know what’s really going on. Everyone disappears behind the wall and it’s up to us to protect them! — Moving to a new home, one little girl finds out the truth and with the help of The League Of Guardians, she’ll make sure the Disappeared are never forgotten. 

It’s that time again!! Time for another kids book review!! Today we’re reading The Wall! I’ll let my daughter give her thoughts first because she’s already trying to talk about it while I’m typing this so here we go 

Thoughts from a five-year-old: 
It was great I liked it..the wall it was interesting, was it a magical wall? It would have to be because then where did the old man disappear to? Did he move? Did she ever get her broken bird fixed? What kind of Living things were in her? Like worms? I hope not, but I’m thinking maybe just like Germs type of bugs like maybe a flu, but I’m happy she got better…The pictures were nice and colourful i thought it was a peaceful book!

Okay.. well let me start off by saying I have no clue what she means by “it was a peaceful book”? It was a good book, I don’t think I understood a lot of what it was, it was intense and felt really deep and meaningful it wasn’t a light story, it seemed to feel like it had a really deep meaning behind it.. it definitely leaves the kids (and even me actually) with a few questions. Is the wall symbol for something? I’m not sure.. but I actually thought it was a pretty good book! It was easy to read and flowed nicely and the pictures were so fun and whimsical! I’d recommend this book! It’s quite good! 

I rate this book 

6/10 for story 8/10 for illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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