Sea This and Sea That

Written and illustrated by Jeremy Billups 

Storyline: From sea pies to sea pigs, the sea is filled with all kinds of sea things. Jump in your submarine and dive deep below the surface to join Missus Bluffington as she guides a tour of her house filled with all kinds of sea stuff. This fun picture book filled with fish, submarines and an elusive octopus is great for bedtime stories and for fans of humorous children’s books that encourage imagination and play.

Wooo!! It’s that time again!! It’s been forever!! it’s time for another kids book review!! Today we’re reading Sea This and Sea That.. which let me tell you, I was excited as heck to read!! I’ve seen the art come together for this book on the authors Instagram for some time now and I was so excited to finally be able to read it! So without further ado…

Thoughts from an almost six-year-old: 

It rhymes!! I love when books rhyme! It makes me as happy as drinking five cups of coffee! I loved it. It was a book about water and the sea, and a lady who gives the kids a tour! with a lot of beautiful pictures and so many cute animals, even a Dory fish!! and the octopus! I loved the octopus! Stiring the soup! That was funny!! And books.. how is there even books in her library *laughs* under water books!! *laughs again* it was great! Can we buy this as an actual book? I want it. 

Okay! Let’s get one thing straight before I share my thoughts, she has never drank five cups of coffee… alright, so it’s safe to say that we absolutely adore Jeremy Billups’ books! We loved the last one and this one is no exception! It’s a cute and creative story (that does indeed rhyme) and it’s super smooth and easy to read to kids. It’s a fun story that everyone can love and the art is so amazing and captivating! So many tiny details are put into this book! It’s amazing and so much fun to look through it all. especially the wall of pictures! (Which was my personal favourite page, especially with two of some of my favourite tv characters making an appearance on that page) it was a great book and I absolutely want to buy the hard copy as well! I Highly reccomend this book 
***And while you get this one, pick up bearded too! You won’t regret either of them, I promise!***

I rate this book 

10/10 for story and 10/10 for illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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