Mercy Redeemed 

A Novel by Kimm Reid 

Storyline: Loosely based on a true story. Mercy Redeemed is a love story, yet, a story of a tragic past that doesn’t want to let its young victim go.  We find the main character has brought the ghosts of her past, into her present. It is only when young Mercy finds out the truth about her tragic past that she is able to find the strength to fight and overcome the demons that seek to torment her quite literally to death. With layers of tragedy, and no possible way for her to pull out of the trap before it consumes her life, she searches for death.  It’s the only way of escape, isn’t it? Mercy Redeemed has twists and turns, and has a way of pulling at the heartstrings of its readers and entangling them in its web of emotions. 

Alright! Well at times I felt the writing style could have been done a little differently, the book (at times) gave away plot twists before they would happen more dramatically, but since it already told you what was going to happen it wasn’t as dramatic at those points.. 
The story line of this book however, was enthralling. It was a gut wrenching, absolute emotional roller coaster.. It does include some difficult topics…such as Mental health, Abusive Relationships, Self Harm as well as Molestation and Suicide.     

The main character, is a very unfortunate girl living with so much crap in her life. It makes you want to just scoop her out of the book and cuddle her. watching her overcome so much is so intense. it’s very real. It’s such a deep story, and it’s heartbreaking to know that so many people have to live and deal with scenarios similar to the story in this book. I had to put I down a few times and process everything, the emotions I felt while reading this were so intense! I was sobbing hysterically at points. I think this is a very powerful book, which brings awareness and hope to readers. I would absolutely suggest this book! 

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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