The Bitter Taste 

A Collection of Short Stories by Various Authors 

Storyline: Dive into the worlds of eight sensational writers as they create engaging short stories that will have you spellbound the moment you jump in. The Bitter Taste is a collection of short stories written by eight writers from across the globe. Each story has been written to render different renditions of the title.

Alright.. well the stories were interesting, I mean most of them didn’t really see any point to them. Each story was supposed to be a rendition of the title…so I guess every story was supposed to be a ‘Bitter Taste’, but I didn’t really get it. Some of the stories were okay I liked about three of the eight short stories featured in this book, but most of them were just odd and pointless. It was all different authors so the writing styles for each story are a bit different. Two of the stories I really didn’t like the style they were written.. but the one thing every story had in common was Typos, there were a lot of typos in this book. Like as if no one cared to bother editing and beta reading it. Overall it was ok, I only liked less than half of it, and I’d probably not read it again.  

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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