Tides of Change 

Book One of The Atlantis Chronicles by Susan Maciver

Storyline: Having survived one horrific cataclysm, a society as ancient as time now thrives untouched and undiscovered in blue waters once ruled by Poseidon. Unknown to any but their Healer, a devastating secret threatens Atlantis with yet another extinction event. The matriarchal healing line, descended from Poseidon no longer has an heir. In a desperate bid to ensure the continuance of their small, underwater community, Na-Kai eva Evenor, Most Sovereign Healer of Atlantis, unleashes a power the Healers have been expressly forbidden to use from the beginning of time. Rising from the hidden depths of Atlantis, Na-Kai’s telekinetic web of energy shimmers to a halt atop the jagged, volcanic cliffs of the exotic Greek island of Santorini. Compelled from her hotel room to the very edge of the dark, windswept cliffs, Daria Caiden is trapped in the grasp of Na-Kai’s relentless thought-form. Forced to dive from the precipice, Daria is pulled deep into the sapphire waters below. Floating in midnight quiet, she releases her last breath, and waits to die. In one shattering moment, events are set into motion that will bring about catastrophic change. Changes that no one could foresee.

I actually liked this book quite a bit.. the story was quite fun to read about, there were a ton of unexpected twists and turns throughout the book! At first I thought the Evan guy was some creepy stalker boyfriend type which weirded me out but it all made sense in the long run! The characters are all quite loveable and you can’t help but to become invested in their story! I was a little confused at first with some of the elements, and how exactly they tied into the story – I felt like at the beginning there was a lack of explanations– but eventually the whole Telepathic, Colour changing and Bioskin stuff all slowly started to make sense. The writing style made it feel like it started off REALLY slow.. but it eventually picked up to a really nice pace. the only problem I had that bothered me was the fact that there was a lot of unnessisary big and fancy words to describe stuff.. instead of just using normal simple terms – which I would have preferred, to make the whole reading experience better, and less work.– but overall it was a great book and I would absolutely recommend it! 

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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