How to be Good 

A Novel by Nick Hornby

Storyline: A brutally truthful, compassionate novel about the heart, mind, and soul of a woman who, confronted by her husband’s sudden and extreme spiritual conversion, is forced to learn “how to be good”—whatever that means, and for better or worse…Katie Carr is a good person…sort of. For years her husband’s been selfish, sarcastic, and underemployed. But now David’s changed. He’s become a good person, too—really good. He’s found a spiritual leader. He has become kind, soft-spoken, and earnest. Katie isn’t sure if this is deeply felt conversion, a brain tumor—or David’s most brilliantly vicious manipulation yet. Because she’s finding it more and more difficult to live with David—and with herself. 

I heard Nick Hornby’s books were utterly hilarious, I didn’t find it all that funny honestly… I was slightly disappointed by that. The story itself seems so rushed!! There are some parts that move along at a good pace then all of a sudden it gets overly super hectic (gave me a mind panic attack or two because it was just so overwhelmingly fast) and breezes over stuff and makes like a week happen in a page. It was kind of a detached story, I didn’t really feel attached to any of the characters… also let me just say, That is one messed up couple! The stuff that goes on in this book can’t be mentally or even physically healthy for them or their kids! It’s one crazy thing after another. The ending.. that’s not how I expected it to end, just like that. So much trouble, then all of a sudden It’s done. I wasn’t a fan of the ending or the beginning or the middle really… it was just meh.. 

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here or Here



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