Binx the Jinx 

 by Michelle Hird 

Storyline: When he moves to a new town, Binx the cat finds it hard to make friends. The other cats call him a Jinx and say that black cats are cursed. But his new friend Gin proves that Binx is the luckiest cat around. 

Alright, so we know it’s been AGES since our last one but it’s finally time for another kids book review!! Today we read Binx the Jinx.. so let’s get right into my daughters thoughts… 

Thoughts from a six-year-old: 
Oooooh an rhyming book! The scenery was nice and colourful. The other cats were so mean (but the multi coloured mean one was pretty) but they shouldn’t have bullied Binx that’s it a very nice thing to do. They didn’t even know him and he isn’t even a bad cat so they should have been nicer to him. But at least Gin was there. She’s sweet and even told the bullies they shouldn’t be mean. She’s a good friend. I liked the story and I love cats even though you’re allergic —for that part she was speaking specifically to me— I thought Binx was just the cutest little kitty even though he cried a lot. I like this book can we read it again? 

Alright, I should point out that i record her reaction and type it all out afterward hence the parts where she’s talking to me, because she doesn’t exactly get how it works… I thought this book was adorable! I like the anti bullying anti judging message of this book. Moving to a new place is hard enough without people being horrid…It’s not right to judge people. It’s not right to be hurtful and rude and mean! And this book gets that point across. The book is so smooth and easy to read (and yes it rhymes which is extra bonus points in my opinion) the words flow so smoothly together. The illustrations are so fun. Simple, bold and colourful with the cutest cats ever! The only problem i had with this book was that it was so short!! I could have read this book for much longer! But that aside.. I would absolutely recommend this adorable book.  

I rate this book 
10/10 for story and 9/10 for illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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