Robots don’t say please and can’t eat cheese 

Written by Lucy Keeling and Illustrated by Kris Smith  

Storyline: Robot and Barney are the best of friends, but Robot’s lack of manners drive Mum and Dad round the bend! After a spot of trouble and cheese fondue, Robot learns that “AFFIRMATIVE” just will not do. 

I know we just did one a few days ago, but it’s time for another kids book review!! Today we snuggled and read Robots don’t say please and can’t eat cheese! How cute of a book name is that?? So here we go….

Thoughts from a t six-year-old: 

I liked it. I think the robot is cute and the robot voice was so good! (I need to point out here that I was using a robot voice while reading it) I like the pictures the people are funny looking but I like it. I don’t know why he wasn’t being polite , they even tried teaching him but he didn’t understand I guess but then he was polite so that’s good that he learned. I didn’t know robots couldn’t eat cheese…That’s so crazy! But I don’t have a robot so I don’t have to worry about it. But also, now I want to try a fondue it looks scrumptious! (Yes my child is the type of person that uses the word scrumptious) I thought it was fun. I don’t think it rhymed much but some did. 

I thought it was a cute book. She is right It didn’t always rhyme, it would go back and forth between rhyming and not rhyming. It was a bit difficult to read out loud in my opinion, it was a bit choppy to actually read to my Kids. But the story itself was cute. There were little lessons on being polite in the book, learning to say please and thank you. It was a sweet story. And who knew robots specifically couldn’t eat cheese!? that part made us giggle. The illustrations aren’t super colorful but they’re really simple and elegant. They look hand drawn and coloured with crayons which I actually like the look of! Overall yea, i would recommend this book for kids. It’s quite cute! 

I rate this book 
8/10 for story and 7/10 for illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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