Paulette the pinkest puppy in the world


Written by Tim Bugbird and Illustrated by Stuart Lynch 

Storyline: Paulette the Pinkest Puppy is the heart-warming tale of Paulette the puppy, who is born with a very unusual feature – her fur is completely pink! Paulette struggles with being different until she and her puppy friends realize they have more in common than they thought. 

Thoughts from a six-year-old: 

I liked the pinkness of her fur. I don’t know why she would be upset about being pink… I would love to have a pink puppy.. even though I don’t think those actually exist. But It’s funny when they all get clipped and they’re all bald. But they see that they aren’t different. It’s rude to make fun of people because their hair is different. I didn’t like that. I did like that it was a rhyming book! And the pictures are so cute. I love all the puppies! I think this was one of the best books ever! But I’m not sure some kids who don’t like pink would like it. 

This was an Adorable book. It mostly rhymed, so bonus points added! only one or two spots there wasn’t a rhyme and it made the story snag for a second but that’s fine. But the story itself was cute. The lesson that you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance was nice. It was a super cute story. A book hasn’t made me giggle while reading it for awhile now. The illustrations are colorful and they pop out and make the book so fun to read. i would absolutely recommend this book!! 

I rate this book 

9/10 for story and 10/10 for illustrations


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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