The Underground 

The Second book in The Surrendered Series by Case Maynard 

Storyline: With the System on the verge of complete annihilation and new factions of freethinkers emerging, Vee knows she must find a way to end the Commander’s rule quickly—and by any means necessary. When the Union arrives in New England, it’s to discover their rebellion has already reached this part of the country. Food stores are low, medical supplies are nonexistent, and without the coal from nearby Mines, the residents are on the verge of freezing to death. Guilt-ridden because of the role she played in the region’s downfall, and refusing to be the cause of anymore suffering, Vee is coerced into working with a group of brilliant scientists who hope to form an independent government below the ruins of New York City. But when she’s asked to assassinate an opposing leader, Vee has no choice but to reevaluate her own morality and examine just how far she’ll really go to see victory in the war against The Tax.

I liked the premise of the book, the writing style is smooth and easy to read. It moved along at a good pace and the story has a decent amount of action in it. The main character seems to have matured quite a bit since the first book, but still seems a tad whiny at times. She’s not as bad as Asa though. Ugh. The plot twists were honestly quite predictable, you could see everything coming from many pages away! Nothing really shocked me when it was “revealed”. But I think I may have liked this one a tad better than the first book. (Which to me is odd for the second book in a series to be a bit better than the first) I liked the storyline and the way it all unfolded way better this time around.. It’s a decent series. I would probably recommend it, especially for serious YA Dystopian Novel lovers.


I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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