A Book on One Page Review 

Good afternoon! Please hang in there with me while I continue to figure out a good format for these bookish product reviews!  

So today I’ve decided to review one of the coolest bookish things I’ve ever come across.. and that is these posters by a company called A Book on One Page! 

From this company I have this really Gorgeous Through the Looking Glass print. —pictured above— it features a stunning simplistic photo depicting a character from the book. (The company has a variety of book/character options)

the super cool thing about these posters though is the fact that there is an ENTIRE book on this poster. That’s right the creators at A Book on One Page have put an entire, fully readable book into this gorgeous art piece! 

Every word from beginning to end, the whole story is right here! How unbelievably cool is that!? I’m a HUGE FAN of this company! 

The picture itself is printed on a gorgeous glossy sturdy poster paper that is ready to hang on its own or perfect for your favourite frame (I preferred this simple sleek black frame from Ikea) The poster measures 50cm by 70cm! 

It’s the perfect bookish inspired addition to any house, a perfect treat for yourself or a fantastic gift for quite literally anyone! 

I rate this product 


If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop Here or see their Instagram Here



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