Happy Hello co. Magnetic Bookmark Review 

Good afternoon! Ok, so I think the format I’ve been using for these bookish product reviews has been working? Lol still trying to figure it out. 

So today’s review is for these super cute magnetic bookmarks by a company called Happy Hello Co. 

From this company I have these four little bookmarks pictured above. Belle, Quidditch Harry, a magical stack of adorable books.. and my absolute favourite, the little Celaena drinking Coffee (because even bad ass assassins need coffee)

I was surprised to find that These bookmarks are double sided, I didn’t think they would be but they are which adds extra cuteness in my opinion. The backs are all stamped with the cute little logo.

These are what the middles/insides look like. Each folded bookmark is about 5-6CM and it’s printed on a  photo paper of sorts (I’m no paper decifering master that’s for sure) and on the inside there’s obviously also a tiny magnet. 

Overall these bookmarks do honestly feel super thin and I was scared to break them at first, but I’ve come to realize they actually are quite durable. And the little characters on them are adorable as all heck! It saves the spot in the books and because it’s a magnet it stays where it’s put. So I’m never worried that if I pick up my book wrong the bookmark will fall out. (Which is a bonus).. it also doesn’t damage any of my pages. I would highly recommend this shop! Their products are amazing (which is why I keep buying more) lol and their prices are fantastic aswell! I would absolutely recommend this store 

I rate this product 


If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop here  or see their Instagram here



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