Liberace’s Filipino Cousin

A collection of Travel Essays of the Philippines by David R. Brubaker

Storyline: David Brusker has been traveling to the Philippines for more than twenty years. This is a collection of essays on his attempt to understand the country and the lessons that country might offer. Be warned. This is a dangerous book. Long before you finish reading Liberace’s Filipino Cousin, you’ll find yourself planning your own trip to the Philippines. David Brubaker knows and loves this corner of the world, and his passion for it is infectious. History, humor, and travel tips are brought together in his tantalizing glimpses of this country of 7000 islands and the delightful people who live there. As you read and laugh your way through these pages, you’ll be learning how to navigate your way through the crazy streets of Manila, how to travel country roads to meet an island witch who uses her powers to heal, how to join one of the most exclusive clubs on earth, and above all, how to enjoy your time in a country that is still off the beaten track for many travelers. 

The prologue felt a lot like a history lesson… because of that, the beginning was a little boring and hard to get into. But afterward the book kind of changed directions (which was a good thing). The whole travel essays, it’s not my usual style of book. I’m not into travel books to be honest… but I thought it was intriguing at times. It was interesting to see the authors insightful and judgment free thoughts as he travels through the Philippines. Describing towns and scenes so rich with history and with such diverse and fascinating people. The pictures in the book add a special pop to the story!—also, I know this isn’t a addition to the story itself but I wanted to point out that the pages were a lovely thick good quality paper!— It wasn’t my usual style of book that’s for sure but it was a pretty good book. It’s a super quick read, I read it in only a day. And If you like books about people traveling and discovering new ways of life, this is the book for you. 

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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