Little The Tree (custom magnet book)

Once again, this post has something a little bit different happening here! But just for this post. This is both a children’s book review AS WELL as a company/product review! Crazy right???

So today I’ve recieved one of the coolest kids book product ever.. this book is a Custom Magnetic Book from a company called MagneTree.

From this company I got this super cool book called Little the Tree for my Nephew..

Story is written by Ronny & Josie Elfassy and illustrated by Sonia Quattro.

so how it works is you place the order on their website and send in 9 photos of friends, family, cousins, pets, really anyone that is important to your child (including one photo of the child themself) and they print the photos of the people you send them into magnets, and those magnets become personalized characters in your story! Which is an amazing idea for children to learn cousins names. Or to add people they love, but don’t often get to see into their daily routine.

The company does have different story options but the synopsis of story I got is: Little the Tree is a very special tree who has suddenly forgotten how to grow. but how can a tree just suddenly forget? we don’t know! with the help of a magical superhighway made of mushroom roots, the whole forest comes to Little’s rescue. put your own family right to the story with this interactive and enchanting story about family, community, and nature.

Now that I’ve told you about what the book does, and how amazing of a product I think it is…I should give you my opinions on the story itself!

I thought the story was adorable, the whole forest family was trying to nurture and feed little tree to help him grow. Much like a family gives love and nurturing to help their little children grow big. a sense of family and love oozes out of the pages. The story was heartfelt and I loved that…even though it doesn’t rhyme. you all know how much I love when kids books rhyme, but I assume it would be dang near impossible to rhyme a book when you can interchange the characters names. The interchanging of the characters names made it hard to read the first time or two through it, but by the third time I figured it out and had no problem reading it! It was the perfect length to keep a toddlers attention, yet not too short to be pointless.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think my 3 year old nephew did too, he got to see all the pictures of his loved ones and have them as a part of the story. So even though Memere and Pepere weren’t technically there in the room while we were reading it, they were there to him. Which is such an amazing thing for a child to have.

The product is made for children ages 2-5 and that’s the absolute perfect age range for this book.

I rate this product 10/10

I rate the story 9/10

I rate the Illustrations 7/10

If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop Here or see their Instagram Here



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