Ballardvale Blues

A Novel by Rachel Veznaian

Storyline: Coming of age doesn’t always happen in your teens. For Addie, Kate, Sam, Jessica, and Danny, college has ended and the future is coming whether they’re ready or not. While Addie stands still watching all those around surge blindly toward what they believe to be the right path, thoughts from her four friends creep into her mind and replace her feelings of complacence with doubt. Friendships intertwined in a messy web splinter and slowly break as the warring belief systems of those in their early twenties come to lure the five friends into separate offshoots, forcing Addie to choose a life plan as clear as those who surround her.

I didn’t really like the way it was written. from the very first page, the Author tends to throw in big words and tries to describe mundane stuff more eloquently than is required, It’s annoying. The point of view awkwardly switches between characters without any separation or notice or anything.. you’re reading as one character and then bam you’re with a different one. The story was so boringly mundane, Nothing really seems to happen in the book…the characters are bland, they spend the whole book basically complaining about controlling parents and about their friends making new friends and having old friends. And they get drunk way more often than they should, Like two of them are seriously constantly buzzed. Even though the characters are in their 20’s they sure as hell didn’t act like it, they were way too Immature and petty, grown up adults shouldn’t have to hide shit from their parents and literally secretly run away from their problems. If you’re acting like a child, then I don’t blame people for treating you like one.

There’s actually a quote in this book that almost basically explains how I felt while reading this book, on page 101 it says:

“Sometimes when I read, I like, space out a little. I usually just get the gist and move on.”

Overall it was boring, pointless and i didn’t really like it. I used to have friends that acted a lot like the characters in this book (back when I was like 15/16) and I left them all in my past… for good reason. Wouldn’t recommend this book… unless high school bickering drama is something you like.

I rate this book


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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