The Night they came for Til

A Novel by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

Storyline: “The night they came for Til, they took me too.” In the tenements of London England, 1904 is a dangerous time to be suffragettes on crusade. Shannon’s aunt Matilda “Til” Stone, gynecologist and suffragette, believes women should have the right to birth control and self determination. After ten years spent at Til’s side, Shannon has trained as a midwife to be her right hand. After a brutal attack that was meant to destroy their work, Shannon is shipped off to Canada to avoid the scandal around Til’s arrest. In Oakland Manitoba, Shannon lands in a women’s rights battle that shakes the community and threatens the new hospital. As a midwife, Shannon helps the women of the community find their voice while she finds her own. Faced with a choice to live a normal life as a wife and mother or go back to England and crusade with her aunt, this book explores her choices and how they affect an entire community. The Night They Came for Til is a historical fiction novel based on true events.

Historical fictions have been fun for me to read lately, not sure why… but I’ve been loving them! That being said, I don’t think the author did much linguistic research. Some of the speech and conversations would not have been acceptable for 1904. Not many people know this (not even my husband actually) but I’ve always been a Huge fan of the Victorian and the Georgian eras.. so much so that I would spend full nights researching almost everything about it. and let me say, the way they acted in this book, the way they talked, the way people fraternized and socialized would have been so scandalous to them back then that I’m sure they actually would have fainted from the shock of it all. Wasn’t too historically accurate. But that’s also what made it fun! It was a fun fast read, I loved the way the author described the perfect Manitoba winters and the feeling of the spring. (being from Manitoba, I can attest that it was spot on!). the story was romantic and empowering and dramatic, it was filled with suffering yet the women in this book wouldn’t stop doing what was right just because of a little bit of trouble. I truly did enjoy this book! I would absolutely recommend it

I rate this book


(It would have been 10 but couldn’t get over a few of the era discrepancies)

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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