Nova Vela Candle Review

Good afternoon! I meant to review this sooner but with some family emergencies I haven’t been able to. But it’s time for another Bookish product review!!

So today I’m reviewing another product i won! (I seem to have been on a lucky streak) I won a 16oz candle of my choice from Nova Vela Candles and for my prize I chose the Rhysand one (because who wouldn’t!?)

The label is super pretty! Such a high definition and clear photo on the label! And the cute twine around the top adds a cute feature.

This candle smells ridiculously delicious! It’s musky, and smells salty like the sea and so fresh, I can’t smell it enough!

I was so excited when I got this in the mail, the very next day I decided to light it up while reading.

Unfortunately though I lit the candle on the table beside me, snapped a few photos of the candle lit… then I made a coffee and by the time I got my coffee, grabbed the book and threw on my housecoat…the time stamps on my photos show that it was a total of 14 minutes, and yet when I sat down to read the candle was already out and had make this awkward deep hole in the middle of the candle!! So that wasn’t exactly something that made me love this product… I admit it does smell good, but the burn (in this case) wasn’t smooth or anything at all.

Overall, I’m not sure I would recommend this company based on the product I received.

I rate this product

3/10 (only because it smells divine)

If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop Here or see their Instagram Here



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