The Fountain

A Novel by Suzy Vadori

Storyline: Careful what you wish for. It just might come true. Ava Marshall, driven by a desire to learn more about her mother’s past, moved across the country to attend St. Augustus. But her mom’s secrets will have to wait, because she finds herself instantly hated for her family’s connection to her new school and is forced to fight alone against a classmate who is setting Ava up to be expelled. Fleeing campus, she takes a shortcut to her Gran’s house though the forbidden West Woods and discovers a mysterious fountain that has the power to grant a wish and change it all. But can she live with the consequences? Or will she end up breaking every school rule and risking the love of her life to make it right…

Alright, so right off the start, the dialogue had sucked. The first few pages were just horrible! But then it all changed and it wasn’t so stiff and robotic anymore. Which surprised me, because once that happened I started enjoying the book. The plot wasn’t super original, it had a very familiar plot of like any movie where someone makes a wish that comes true… standard stuff. Person makes a wish, didn’t realize how much the wish would change things, regrets wish and tries to undo wish….

Personally if it was me, I would have loved the wish. I wouldn’t have tried to undo it at all! Which I think the main character eventually also realizes… because when it came to the end… It just ends, doesn’t give much closure.. they never actually undo the wish in the book, but I felt like it was unclear. did they decide to leave it? Are they gonna change it back? What? It was just left a little too open. Overall it was quite a good book! It was a light and fast read!

I rate this book


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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