The first book in the Imagine Series by Jenna Greene

Description: A fierce wind and a blast of green light during a strange storm causes everything to change for Katharine Bowers and Becky Thatcher. The girls wake up in Oren, an entirely different realm than their earthly city. They meet Enalie, a fading magical presence who sets an incredible destiny before them… then simply disappears. Left alone to fend off creatures that hunt them in the night, they must relay a magical heritage that doesn’t make sense, and – if possible – save a world that they know nothing about.

I found this book to be incredibly slow. Yet at the same time the entire timeline all felt so rushed and jumped around so much! It was so confusing. The writing style tended to be tedious and long winded. It wasn’t a super easy or smooth read. Because of the way it’s written I didn’t feel a connection to many of the characters. The main character Becky is a true hardcore bookworm, and I love that about her (right from page one!) but aside from that, none of the characters made any lasting impression on me. They all seem way too young for the story, and the things that happen. I doubt a 10 year old could do that type of shit (even in a fictional magical world) it just felt too unrealistic. Especially the fact that these two girls have been swept up from earth and into this magical realm where they need to save the world, and they barely even bat an eyelash at the fact that they’re alone and without their parents and all of a sudden magical… But it had potential, it honestly felt like I was reading a first draft, that needed to be honed and edited and added to. Im not sure how I felt about the book as it was. But if it was tweaked it would have been quite good.

I rate this book


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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