Pittsburgh to Cadiz

What’s the difference part one by Mitchell Phillips McCrady

Description: The first book of a series, the adventure begins near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While painting for the summer, Mitch Phillips and his coworker Kevin make plans for Europe. Long days mean nothing when there’s a reason. Fall comes and they catch a ride to NYC. They are greeted with mumbling accents, black hash, and wild mushrooms. Drugs and searching minds. Losing time. Anything is better than there or here or wait…

So this is the first book I’ve ever read that was printed 100% on hemp paper. The paper was thick and amazing quality. Honestly such good quality that there were literally coloured printed photos throughout the book on the paper! (Not on those weird plastic pages) I was quite impressed with the paper… the story was alright, it was a slow story, not much happens. And what does happen, happens really slowly. I think it could have been sped up, there were a lot of random needless conversations and added stuff that didn’t add to the story. It was interesting though, seeing the character travel and find himself while growing his photography and getting to see the photos he took throughout his journey was fun… However, I get that the author was showing different accents…but all the “Dahn, abaht, aht, tahn” (and seriously so much more) drove me slightly crazy. It made the book really hard to read at times. (Especially when there was more than one on a page, which happened a lot) and it just got worse and worse the further into the book I got. It wasn’t a super easy read. But overall it was a pretty decent book. (If you buy it, I do absolutely recommend buying the Kind lines Publishing tshirt aswell, you wouldn’t regret it!)

I rate this book

4/10 (because it was so hard to read with the accents)

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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