Tshirt Review – KindLines Hemp Publishing

Good afternoon! it’s time for another Bookish product review!!

So today I’m reviewing another product i received, an author/ the owner of KindLines Hemp publishing company reached out to me and asked me to review his book (Pittsburgh to Cadiz, which I’ve just reviewed on the blog this week, you can find that Review here)

It was a first for me, the book is printed on 100% Hemp paper! And as a gift the publisher also sent me a tshirt from their company! It’s a tshirt that is made by Hemp Royal Apparel, it’s made of 60% Viscose Hemp and 40% organic cotton

It’s a super cute simple black unisex shirt that’s got the KindLines Hemp Publishing logo on the front, since it’s black it’s super flattering, the size on me here is the XL…I hate tight tshirts so I tend to go one size up. And it is perfect!

Unlike a lot of tshirts I’ve gotten from the store lately, this one is nice and long, doesn’t ride up and expose my stomach when I Lift my arms. And guys… I’ve saved the best part for last… it is SO FREAKING SOFT!!! I have literally never had a shirt as soft and comfortable as this one!

Seriously, I highly suggest you guys check out these shirts. I am most probably going to be ordering another one for myself in the near future, because it has quickly made its way into one of my top favourite articles of clothing. I find myself wearing it so often!! You would not regret getting one of these shirts! I highly recommend them! I Love it!

I rate this product 10/10

If you would like to see more from this company you can find their Instagram here and you can Shop for their book and tshirts here.



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