Amos the Anteater

Written by Kaley Owen and Illustrated by Graeme Holding

Storyline: Amos is a very grumpy anteater who doesn’t want to share with anyone. He hides away, keeping himself to himself. One day, he gets into trouble and there’s no one around to help him until another anteater comes along and teaches Amos the power of friendship.

Thoughts from a six-year-old:

IT’S ANOTHER RHYMING BOOK!! I felt like maybe this was by the same author, because it rhymed the same (it was the same author) was it?? (Yep) wow, I thought so. In the story he ate so many bugs so I wasn’t surprised when he got a bad tummy ache. You should never eat thirty thousand bugs! I liked that he learned that being mean and grumpy and having a bad spirit isn’t nice, Especially if he wanted people to help him when he was in need and in so much pain. But also I liked that he learned to be nicer and have a nicer spirit since he said sorry to all the ants… but does that mean that he only ever eats plants now?

It was a super cute book, these books have been super easy to read, the rhyming helps. It makes the story sound so smooth. The books are fun and interesting enough to keep my kids attention the whole time. they’re not too long, but they aren’t too short either. The pictures are colourful and cute. We really love when there’s a small thing on each page that we can find. In the last book I think it was a mouse and in this one it’s a little bee, somewhere on every page. We love those. Overall I’ve really liked this little book “series” so far! And we still have the ‘B’ book! So we can’t wait to dive into that.

I rate this book

9/10 for story and 9/10 for illustrations

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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