Benny the Beaver

Written by Kaley Owen and Illustrated by Graeme Holding

Storyline: Benny and his brother Bob are Beavers. One day, whilst looking for supplies, the pair notices a secret pathway that leads to a treasure chest. Who gets the treasure? That’s what they can’t decide? Will they ever learn to share?

Thoughts from a six-year-old:

Job, bob. It’s a rhyming book. I loved the last page, where they decided what to do with the gems and the crystals and things! That was smart, I think it was a good idea! I like Bob and Benny, they’re brothers and they work together and even when they fight they can work together. I liked when they found the treasure and it glistened on their faces. The art work is pretty, there’s so many jewels! It was shiny and pretty! I really like this author, who is it? [It’s written by Kaley Owen] oh, well Kaley Owen is a good book author! I really liked it. And I liked that it wasn’t as long as the last book we read! It was a nice not too long and not too short book! Perfect longness.

Okay! I really have been enjoying these Animal Alphabet books! They’re fun and rhyming, easy to read and the perfect length! The art is simple and cute. Colourful and eye catching but not over the top. The stories are super cute, they have a direction and there’s actually a coherent story to them! She’s so clever with her rhymes. It’s impressive. We really love these books, and if you have kids you should definitely look into these! They’re so fun!

I rate this book

10/10 for story and 9/10 for illustrations


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