Stay out of the Basement

A Second Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine

Description: Dr. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. Nothing to worry about. Harmless, really. But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Especially when they… meet… some of the plants he is growing down there. Then they notice that their father is developing plantlike tendencies. In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy – and seedy. Is it just part of their father’s “harmless” experiment? Or has the basement turned into another little shop of horrors?

So I didn’t realize that each book is about different kids. I assumed it was a continuation! I didn’t realize they were basically a bunch of stand alones. Which is good, makes it easier to get a book in here and there that way! With a name like ‘stay out of the basement’ I expected it to be super creepy and good… This one however, wasn’t as good as the last one. it was actually kinda boring compared to the first one I read, I wasn’t into the whole science experiment gone wrong turned into a plant monster thing I guess… it’s a little too Scooby Doo in my opinion. But seriously, imagine the moms absolute confusion when she got back from Tucson!!! Shit. If I was her I would never leave my kids alone with my husband again. It wasn’t as good as the first one but that happens! Maybe the next one will be better! Here’s hoping.

I rate this book




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