Chainmaille Jewlery Review – The Forj

Good afternoon My Lovlies!! So as most of you know my best friend Joanna came to visit for the past ten days! And while she was here she brought (and made) me some chainmaille jewelry! And I’ve decided that I want to share it with you guys!

So I know that with her being my best friend, people may not take this as an honest review…but I assure you, I don’t give a crap. If I don’t like something I’ll say it to anyone. Total honesty. So the fact that she’s my friend doesn’t change my review at all.

First of all, I got these adorable scalemaille golden snitch earrings! I have sensitive ears so i can only wear these for an evening here and there but these are the most adorable earrings I currently own! The top has a cute little chainmaille pattern and then goes into the stunning scales! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen chainmaille scales but if you haven’t, you need to because they are gorgeous in person!

Next I have a bracelet, I didn’t get to see her make this one, she surprised me with it. But she made this tiny ringed delicate Ravenclaw inspired bracelet.

The rings are so tiny in this one, I don’t even know how in the world you would work with rings so small, but it gives it a super elegant look and the colours are just gorgeous! No photos I can take of it do this bracelet justice

It’s such intricate bracelet yet it’s also so simplistic, and I think I’ll be wearing this one often because it’s a perfect tiny house pride accessory.

And the last one I have is another Ravenclaw inspired bracelet, This one has bigger rings and is more of a statement bracelet. It’s just as simplistic as the last one just with much bigger rings (I saw her make this one in front of me and it was amazing) i wouldn’t be able to work with so many metal rings!

With this one I did get a deathly hallows symbol added to it, I love that it has a little extra Harry Potter magic added to it with that little charm (heh, CHARM!)

I love all of my Harry Potter inspired chainmaille jewelry! The links of the rings are closed nicely! You can’t see any gaps in them and they’re sealed. It’s so well made that it’s sure to last!!

I really like the products that The Forj makes. And I suggest you check them out for all of your custom chainmaille jewelry needs!!

I rate these products


If you would like to see more from this company you can find them on Facebook or see their Instagram here!



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