Darla Dilly Don’t Be Silly

Written by Dimitra Merkouris

Storyline: Darla Dilly lives on the best street, in the best city, in the best country in the world. Life with her madcap family is pretty much perfect. Especially when her Mom and Dad announce that they are ready for a family pet. But Darla doesn’t want just ANY old pet. She wants something DIFFERENT, something SPECIAL, something just for HER… DARLA DILLY DON’T BE SILLY!

So let’s just jump into it with the

thoughts from a seven-year-old:

It was a good story! I really loved the parts that the parents said “Darla Dilly don’t be silly!” I like that her parents have a rhyme for her, you don’t have a rhyme for me when I’m being silly [sorry? I’ll work on that] yea you should. It was a fun book she is looking for a pet and she wants some weird ones like a mermaid. That’s not even a pet though. Really? A mermaid? Why would you want a person type of thing as a pet! That’s weird. Then she wants a dragon but I don’t think that’s a smart idea. Duh. Fire! And then she asks for a unicorn, I like that idea though! The book says that they live in north Canada forests!!! We live in Canada! Can we go to a north forest?? [we’ll see, maybe next year] ok good! I would love a pet unicorn! I liked this book. it was funny. It was long It had like twenty seven chapters [it actually only had nine] oh, well it had a lot of words but it was a fun story! Metafartisis. That was hilarious.

This story was actually really adorable. It’s a standard what type of pet should we get style of kids book, but the kids ideas for her perfect pet are a little silly! It’s fun and whimsical. I was a little intimidated and worried about reading this at first, because when you open it, there’s ALOT of words. But it didn’t actually take as long as I expected it to, it wasn’t so long that it lost my kids attention either which was fantastic. But it was long enough to make a really fun story. It was cute, I really liked it. there was plenty of opportunities to make fun character voices while reading it, Which actually made it super fun to read. The artwork is also really nice, colourful and simple, but also has cute little details in it. although there were a ton of words and only a picture once every two or three pages… Overall me and my daughter did really enjoy this book! I would absolutely recommend it!

I rate this book

10/10 for story and 8/10 for illustrations


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