The Carnivorous Carnival

The Ninth book in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Description: Everybody loves a carnival! Who can fail to delight in the colourful people, the unworldly spectacle, the fabulous freaks? A carnival is a place for good family fun—as long as one has a family, that is. For the Baudelaire orphans, their time at the carnival turns out to be yet another episode in a now unbearable series of unfortunate events. In fact, in this appalling ninth installment in Lemony Snicket’s serial, the siblings must confront a terrible lie, a caravan, and Chabo the wolf baby. With millions of readers worldwide, and the Baudelaire’s fate turning from unpleasant to unseemly, it is clear that Lemony Snicket has taken nearly all the fun out of children’s books.

Do these books give anyone else panicky anxiety whenever the kids are in a lot of trouble?! Because that happens to me! And more so in this one than any of the others so far! I loved the background (scenery) for this one! It’s set at a super creepy carnival and I just loved every description of it! This story is getting INTENSE!!! (So intense that I couldn’t help finishing it in less than twelve hours, while on the road.. and risking intense car sickness) The kids are in so much danger at the beginning of this book by arriving at the carnival as they did. Then they bravely (or stupidly, I’m not sure) decide to disguise themselves and basically walk around right under Count Olaf’s nose! And holy moly! I was panicking every time he looked at them. So much happened in this book, there’s some fun new characters and a few new dead ones too…and I don’t want to give away any spoilers so this is making the review hard to write! But at the end of this book something major happens and two of the kids are in immense danger (like even more so than usual) I mean they all are, but I’m not as worried for the other one as I am for the two that are trapped…and I need to pick up the next book immediately because… well just because I need to!!

I rate this book




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