Maury The Miserable Vampire

Written by Jeff Roland and Illustrated by Adamah Vanarsdale

Storyline:Maury the Miserable Vampire lived in a cold, dark castle and he liked it that way. He never laughed, he never smiled, and he never went outside. When his only friend, Barry the Bat, suddenly disappears, Maury must summon the courage to set out into the world for the very first time in order to find him. Along the way, Maury meets friendly, funny monsters from across the globe and learns about other cultures, teamwork and, most importantly, the value of friendship.

Thoughts from a seven-year-old:

They were short pages. It didn’t rhyme but it was a good story. Im going to start with the art. It was all kid of different, why were the werwolves wearing clothes? And the map parts were odd. I also didn’t know why the vampire guy, Maury right? [yep] right, when Maury would fly he would still be human-ish he just had wings. Weird. It was cool because at the end, Maury the miserable vampire became Maury the merry vampire because of friendship. I really liked it.

It felt like a long book. It has a cute message behind it, no one wants to be friends with a miserable vampire. At the beginning of the book he is truly a horrible friend and then he realizes that his only friend is gone (I don’t blame the bat for leaving) and sets out to find him, randomly meeting a bunch of characters along the way (who apparently all awkwardly know the bat too) it was a cute story with a good message. It was overall pretty decent, unlike the map scenes like my daughter said, those seemed unnecessary.

I rate this book

8/10 for story and 6/10 for illustrations


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