Haunted Canada

A Collection of True Ghost Stories from across Canada by Pat Hancock

Description: This chilling collection of ghost stories from Canada’s past stalks the land from coast to coast. A perfectly terrifying way for young readers to absorb a little of our country’s amazing history and geography.

This never would have been the type of book I could ever read (even now I am a little skeptical and unsure of why I picked it up) when I was younger I would have had nightmares for weeks… I admit that I probably won’t be headed down to my basement alone for awhile. The stories are absolutely creepy and eerie, i like that the stories tell you a bit about the past and different theories of some of them. I also liked that it said where they happened (so I can properly avoid those places) yes, there were some very near to me, a few in Winnipeg. And one of the locations I was even at this past spring..But I just don’t need to go to those areas or places ever again… so that’s settled. This book was the most goosebump inducing book I’ve ever read. But even though it spooked me, I kind of liked it.. in a terrified way. So many mixed emotions.

I rate this book




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