The Ghost Next Door

A Tenth Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine

Description: When an odd new boy moves in next door, Hannah’s neighborhood starts to get more and more eerie, when did he move in? Wasn’t that house empty when she went to sleep last night? Why does it look so deserted? He keeps disappearing in the oddest of ways. she suspects that the pale boy must be a ghost.

Alright.. Its been bugging me, I realize how short these these reviews are for the goosebumps books.. but they’re short kids stories, and there’s not much I can say without basically just describing the entire book.. I feel bad that they’re so short but it is what it is I guess. That being said… This one was fun! It was creepy at times, there was an element of mystery to it (i figured it out about half way through) but I can see kids being shocked by the ending. It was also a really sweet story. Which we haven’t gotten from these books yet, so I wasn’t expecting to be so touched by the ending and the entire plot line of this story. It wasn’t super “Goosebumpsy” but I enjoyed it quite a bit!!

I rate this book




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