Once Upon a Wick Candle Review

Good morning! It’s been awhile but it’s time for another bookish product review!!

So today I’m going to review another candle company… I don’t often order candles from places online because the cost of shipping to Canada is usually really high! But through this company shipping was actually really reasonable. And so were the candle prices themselves.

*I did however order mine while there was a sale, so my order was cheaper than the usual price so I’m not sure how much my order would have been without the sale.*

From this company I’ve ordered three candles, but for this review I just used and tested one of those candles.


The candle is a Ravenclaw inspired candle, that smells of fresh coffee, nutmeg and well read books. Right as soon as you pull the lid off of this candle the smell has an instant impact on your nose. The scent is so strong and bold which I really loved.

After lighting the candle and letting it burn awhile, I was worried about it not burning unevenly at first. There was one side that took about two hours before it melted but eventually it did, and after that it seems to have been an even burn which is fantastic.

While it’s burning the aroma fills the room, but it also isn’t a super strong smell. It’s a nice balance of smell without being overwhelming.

The label is amazing, it’s a clear image and just looks so fantastic, and the actual colours of the candles I received are bold and beautiful.

Overall I really loved the product this company makes. I didn’t actually love all three of the scents that I had ordered, but that is the risk of ordering candles online I guess.

I rate this product 


If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop Here or see their Instagram here



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