A Court of Candles – Candle Review

Good morning! It’s time for another product review. I got this candle (and another one) as a gift from one of my lovely friends! This candle is from a company called A Court of Candles

From this company I have two candles but I’m only going to feature one of those today! This one that I have is called The Wild King and smells like Musk, Cedar and Caramel.

These are vegan, Soy based candles and the scent is amazingly strong (and super yummy smelling!) After I lit this candle it continued to be very fragrant while burning, and filled the room with its sweet and musky aroma, which was exactly what you hope for.

I was impressed with the very even and clean burn of this candle aswell.

The label is super cute and very clear. It’s simplistic while also being very detailed. I love that their candles have quotes from the books on the side of them! That’s such a fun touch.

Overall I really enjoy these candles. I think this might be of the best bookish candle companies I’ve seen yet! I am super satisfied with how these burn and how they smell!

I rate this product 


If you would like to see more from this company you can Shop Here or see their Instagram Here



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