Return of the Mummy

A Twenty-Third Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine

Description: After last year’s scary adventure, Gabe’s a little nervous about being back in Egypt. Back near the ancient pyramids. Back where he saw all those creepy mummies. Then he learns about an Egyptian superstition. A secret chant that is supposed to bring mummies back to life. Gabe’s uncle says it’s just a hoax. But now it sounds like something’s moving in the mummy’s tomb. No way a couple of dumb words can wake the dead. Can they?

Well, it wasn’t great.. but it also wasn’t horrible. To me, It was just one of those ones that was okay. Nothing much really happens, but the little bit that did happen was fun and slightly adventurous. It wasn’t creepy or goosebumpsy but it was a bit of fun. The goosebumps sequels are sometimes fun to read because you have no idea where the story is gonna go the second time. The characters were fine, they’re both a little bit annoying with the competing.. I was happy that the uncle seems to have matured a bit since ‘last summer’ so that was an improvement. Overall. It was alright.

I rate this book




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