Ting-a-Ling the old ambulance

Written and Illustrated by Harry Goldstar

Storyline: Welcome to the world of Ting-a-Ling. The friendliest old ambulance there ever was. With line drawn illustrations for YOU to colour in helping you to familiarise yourself personally, with Ting-a-Ling, his owner and restorer Alf, his mum, and Mr .Grimsby the boss of the big ambulance station. Open the cover and jump into a whole new world of ambulance stories and adventures. Simple and easy to read. The stories are written with a smattering of comical northern dialect in bite size chapters so as not to be taxing on the brain. Written by a dyslexic who knows what a struggle it can be. This book really is here to help YOU! You will love Ting-a-Ling. EVERYONE does!

So let’s dive right into today’s review with

Thoughts from a newly eight-year-old: it was good.. there was two stories in it, that was interesting. the picture of the cow was cute. I liked the part where he found the old ambulance in the field. It was long but also short. It was an okay book. But I do like that it’s a colouring book too! Thats new, I can’t usually color in my storybooks!

Okay, so yes there were two halves to the book divided into two short story types of thing, but then also separated by chapters in each half which was odd because it wasn’t long enough to have chapters. There were quite a few words that she didn’t understand that I had to explain to her, which messed up the flow of the story (especially since there was two words that I didn’t understand and had to google) not much seemed to happen in the story, so it went by pretty quickly. The illustrations were pretty good.. they’re all drawn in pencil lines and the point is to let your child colour them In, which helps them connect to the story, however some of the lines are wonky making it hard to see what is what (my daughter had trouble solving what was going on with the cows eyes) so I think that although that’s a brilliant idea to connect children to the story, a better drawing could be made for it. Overall it was a decent book.

I rate this book 

6/10 for story and 4/10 for illustrations


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