Canadian Hauntings

A Haunted Canada book by Michael Norman and Beth Scott

Description: Chilling true stories of ghosts and hauntings from across Canada. Houses of evil, child ghosts, poltergeists…it’s all here in Canadian Hauntings, an amazing collection of unexplainable encounters from across Canada. And they’re all true! These spooky stories of the past and present are sure to surprise, entertain and send chills along the spines of young readers. From the haunted art gallery in Burnaby, B.C. to mysteries in the Maritimes, this is a grand cross-country tour of ghostly goings-on that will captivate even the most skeptical of readers.

Alright, so unlike the last ones I read (around last halloween) there was no Manitoba stories in this one! So I felt better knowing that none of these were super close to me. That made this one a lot easier to read. The stories however were still freaky as hell and although I really do hate these types of things, I also kind of love them.. it intrigues me and terrifies me at the same time which may sound confusing but once I start reading it, then it’s like as if I can’t look away, no matter how many times it gives me the chills, makes me freak out or have nightmares for like two weeks.. I love that it’s a bunch of tiny short stories, so when I sit down for 10 minutes to read this book in the morning (and only in the bright sunlight of the early morning or else prolonged nightmares…) it’s easy to get at least five stories in! So if you’re into this type of book I would absolutely recommend this one!

I rate this book





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