Bearded Too

Written and Illustrated by Jeremy Billups  

Storyline: The hairy hijinks continue in BEARDED TOO, the second book in the BEARDED series written and illustrated by Jeremy Billups. A bearded bear and his friend continue their travels around the world meeting bearded animals of all shapes and sizes. From an orangutan who sings country music to a catfish who’s a mayor, this book is filled with fun and quirky animals doing unexpected things.

Thoughts from an eight-year-old: okay so that was funny! I want a bear with a beard! How do I get one of those? I liked the drawings.. or “illustrations” if you’re trying to be fancy like my mom calls them…I liked it how at the end well the page before the end they put so many fun books in the picture I actually know some of those books! And also I like the speech bubbles. I love when books have speech bubbles in the pictures. It was a good story I wonder why they’re in the hospital though! Is the bear sick? Did he catch something while he was on vacation? But I loved the adventures they went on, I didn’t know there were so many animals with beards.. I wonder if I can get a bearded pet.. like a goat! [i wish kid… I wish!]

As most of you know, I absolutely loved the first book! And this one was no different. I’m gonna start with the story! It’s fun, it’s witty and it rhymes! Which is an absolute bonus in my books (No pun intended).. the story rhymes which makes it an easy read and takes you on an incredible bearded journey around the world. But the showstopper of these books in my opinion is the art! Jeremy Billups is such a fantastic artist! I find his illustrations to be so clean and precise the colours are perfect and there’s so much detail in the pages while also looking so sleek and not being overpowering and taking up the whole page! I also personally love how there are hidden details in the photos, if you look really closely at newspapers or licence plates there are fine added details that really add to the story! Especially the bookshelf page!! That page alone was AMAZING! I one million percent would recommend this book to anyone! I mean heck, even Santa reviewed it and even he agrees that it’s a must read!

I rate this book 

10/10 for story and 10/10 for illustrations


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