The Broken Bee’s Nest

Written by Lydia Lukidis and Illustrated by André Ceolin

Storyline: Arun and Keya find the perfect tree for a tree house. Too bad it comes with a battered bees’ nest! These bees need a new home—right away! Tying into the popular Makers Movement, Makers Make It Work is a series of fun easy-to-read stories that focus on problem-solving and hands-on action. This charming story explores the Makers theme of Beekeeping and includes explanatory sidebars and an insect-related activity for young makers to try themselves!

Thoughts from an eight-year-old:

The book was really good, the illustrations were very bright, I like it how at the back there were lots of tips of how to save bees which is actually a very important thing, the bees need to be saved quite a lot. the story was great my favourite parts were… um… I think when keya asked if the bees would be okay if they used their tree for the tree house. That was a good idea so ask the bees, and also when Arun gave Keya the crown. And I really Liked this book because it reminds me of a book called save the bees….Oh I also liked it because Dr.Chen really knew how to help the bees with Arun and Keya and taught them stuff while helping them out. I also learned some stuff about bees.

This book was actually quite fun to read. There’s these little tips and “did you knows” throughout the book that really had some interesting facts. The story was sweet and makes you think of how you can help save the bee’s and really shines a light on how important they are to our environment. I do love stories with a message behind them and this one has just that! The art was fun and bright with a lot of detail put into them. It is a makers make it work book which I had never heard of before this one but these stories are specifically designed to pique a child’s interest in various topics or areas of work. This one was specifically about the hobby of beekeeping. It had my child asking so many questions about beekeepers! It was a fun book and I would love to check out more makers make it work books!

I rate this book 

8/10 for story and 8/10 for illustrations


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